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Scales and Sounds at Summerfest

Friday evening on the 4th of July at Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, an eager audience of all ages gathered in the BMO Harris Pavilion to hear the legendary performers, Harvey Scales and the Seven Sounds. The evening was warm but comfortable and the smell of the food at the adjoining Barbecue was tempting but the audience was ready and waiting for the music as a huge saxophone playing puppet weaved through the crowded auditorium.

Harvey Scales and the Seven Sounds and Summerfest 2014
Harvey Scales and the Seven Sounds and Summerfest 2014
© 2014 by Staff Photographer Lacey Hutchinson aka Lillian Fox
Harvey Scales and the Seven Sounds at Summerfest
2014 © by The Weird Review Staff Photographer, Lacey Hutchinson aka Lillian Fox

At times it seemed as though Harvey doubted that so many people in the crowd could have heard his music as he asked, "How many of you are familiar with..." The audience would roar with delight as he introduced another of their favorites. A humble attitude from a man who wrote the first single to go platinum.

During the show, Harvey blew away the crowd as he performed his hits and seemed to channel such old favorites as Ray Charles. Harvey and the band were not the only amazing performers on the stage. They brought on a young fellow named "Scooter" who amazed the audience with his expertise in dance. If Harvey was channeling top musicians, this fellow had Michael Jackson's blessing in his performance as he danced to the delight of the audience.

It has been said, "never work with children and animals" and while the great Kenny Walker did a bit of dancing on stage, it was wisely before they brought Scooter on. Kenny is known for his amazing handling of the saxophone and in addition to performing with Harvey, Kenny has performed with his own band and other bands including decades with Little Richard with whom he played for President Obama on another fourth of July. While he may have been out danced by a kid, if he is good enough for President Obama, he managed to make the grade for Summerfest. The crowd went away with full souls from the sweet songs of Harvey Scales and the Seven Sounds.

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