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Scalers, the new wave of mini figures

NECA has done it again! The newest addition to their already impressive line-up of toys and figures, is the introduction of Scalers. Scalers are 2" tall mini-figures that you can attach to any cord or cable. So far, there are only 6 characters available. They have stated on their website that the figures will depict iconic characters from movies, video games, TV, and comic books. Seeing that these specific figures are listed as The Wave 1 assortment, I would anticipate more as the popularity of these figures increases. As of right now, the characters that are depicted are, Gizmo - from the Gremlins movie franchise, Gollum - from the Lord of the Rings movie franchise, Jason Voorhees - from the Friday the 13th movie franchise, Freddy Krueger - from the Nightmare on Elm Street movie franchise, The Predator - from the Predator movie franchise, and a Xenomorph (Alien) - from the Alien movie franchise. These figures look amazing, which shouldn't be that surprising coming from NECA. They look exactly like the movie characters they are depicting. There is no word on how much they cost, but the release date is this month. Keep an eye out for these figures to drop soon! And remember, as always, they are not dolls.......They are ACTION FIGURES!!!

Gizmo Scaler figure
Photo courtesy of Google Image Search
2" tall mini-figures of awesomeness!
Photo courtesy of NECA
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