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SC town fired police chief: Town stands behind gay chief that was fired

A South Carolina town is standing behind their gay police chief who was fired. On Sunday, US News shared about this big news. Crystal Moore was fired because the mayor didn't agree with her lifestyle. She had this job for two decades before being fired but now the town is standing behind her and has helped her to get her job back.

wikimedia commons

The town has nothing bad to say about her. They remember her helping out in storms and just doing a great job at her job. Crystal Moore seems to be loved by everyone and the mayor is the only one saying that she shouldn't have her job.

Dottie Walters, who has lived in the town for a long time, spoke out saying, "That's Crystal. All she does is help people. I don't get why he fired her. Maybe it's the ignorant people who talk the loudest. She was the same great Crystal yesterday as she is today, and she'll be the same person tomorrow."

A conversation with the mayor was legally recorded and he said, "I'd much rather have somebody who drank and drank too much taking care of my child than I had somebody whose lifestyle is questionable around children, because that ain't the damn way it's supposed to be." Obviously people in this town do not agree with the way that he feels.

They have been able to get her job back for her now. A vote happened where 69 percent of 475 voters made the choice to take the mayor's power away. At this time, he is still mayor though and has the job for three more years unless they find a way to take his job away. On June 30, Crystal Moor returned to work and the town rejoiced. People were honking at her as they saw her and the town is happy she is back on the job.

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