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SC shelter rescue fighting to live after being hit by car and contracting parvo

Duncan is fighting to live
Duncan is fighting to live

Meet Duncan, who is now in the loving hands of Abby's Animal Angels. Duncan has had a very rough life, and needs your help.

Duncan was hit by a car, then turned into a South Carolina county shelter. The shelter got him to the vt, but the irreversible nerve damage to his back leg resulted in amputation.

Then, due to a miscommunication, Duncan was picked up from the vet and returned to the shelter. The shelter is where Duncan's vet believes he picked up the parvo virus.

After seeing Dr, Welsh at North Greenville Animal hospital, it was decided Duncan will be treated symptomatically in his foster home. Duncan is now on subcutaneous fluids, anti-emetics and anti-diarrheal medication.

Thankfully, he's still drinking on his own, but he's being a bit stubborn on what he finds tasty to eat. Poor little guy most likely doesn't feel up to eating.

The decision made by Abby's Animal Angels to treat Duncan in a home environment came from the years of experience the rescue has with sick or injured pets.

A dog will always do better in a home environment. Not only will Duncan rest better, his foster mom can try different foods to entice him to eat. The foster is also trained to give the subcutaneous fluids several times a day.

Should his condition worsen, he'll need hospitalization. This will skyrocket the bill, should that become necessary.

Jennifer with Abby's Animal Angel says Duncan is a fighter. his name means 'brown warrior.' The rescue is determined to get him through this uphill battle.

If anyone can do it, Abby's Animal Angels can. They're known in the Greenville, South Carolina area for taking on the toughest cases. Dogs most would have given up on. And they do this and worry about the bill later because they know their supporters are always there to throw a few dollars their way when needed.

Duncan deserves a chance at a happy life. Although the rescue knows the possibility is there that Duncan will die from the parvo, they're giving him everything he needs to fight the virus. If anyone can save Duncan, they can.

Please click here to donate towards Duncan's care on his GoFundMe webpage. He deserves a long and happy life with a family who loves him.

Please share this sweet boy with friends, and donate if you can. An update article will be published once his health situation changes. Until then, keep this dear dog in your thoughts and prayers.

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