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SC man accused of dragging dog behind truck sentenced to 10.5 years in prison

Andra Grace supporters celebrate judges sentence

According to WSPA7, The man arrested in Greenville County in late 2013 for dragging a pit bull behind a pickup truck was sentenced to prison on July 15.

Although Roger Owens, 53, is the former owner of Andra Grace. Owens pleaded guilty, but didn't speak in his own defense involving the charges. He did tell Judge Letitia Verdin he was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia and is now taking medication for it.

Owens was sentenced to 5 years for cruelty to animals, 5 years for habitual traffic offender and 6 months for driving under suspension.

Facebook: Justice for Andra Grace posted a statement on their Facebook page following the sentencing

"VICTORY!!! Roger Owens received a total of 10.5 years in jail due to the charges of felony animal abuse as well as others. The judge said in all her years she has never seen anything so horrible. This is a huge step forward, as typically animal abuse gets a fine and little to no jail time. I really want to take this opportunity to give a HUGE shout out to Cynthia for everything she has done down in Greenville and for being the voice of SNARR and Andra. To Tina Adams, the sheriff's investigator, Julie Anders, the prosecutor and to the honorable Judge Verdin ....thank you for all of your hard work and not letting this be another case with no significant outcome. And of course to all of Andra's supporters....if we all ban together, we CAN make a change!!!"

Upstate animal advocate Cynthia Saracino spoke on behalf of SNARR animal rescue, who found Andra Grace a loving home in Florida, posted this victory on her Facebook page

"This entire situation has been so trying and also victorious in so many way. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Roger Owens is one person and Andra Grace is still only one dog. So let's not let this momentum die and let's move forward with the same passion and vigor - let's make our laws tougher, let's force enforcement and let's catch the other Roger Owens and let's do all that we can to make cruelty to any of God's living creatures stop."

WYFF4News reporter Angela Rodriguez said that Owens didn't speak before his sentencing and showed no remorse. His attorney said her client "was drunk" at the time of the incident.

Those who abuse animals beware. The community will no longer stand by quietly and look the other way to your actions towards animals. The Roger Owens case is only the first example of what can be expected to anyone in South Carolina who chooses to abuse an animal.

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