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SC lawmakers to vote on whether students will have to make up "snow days"

This could have been the result, had classes in SC school been forced to open
This could have been the result, had classes in SC school been forced to open
Facebook: WLOS

Lawmakers will decide Wednesday on whether school "snow days" will have to be made up, WSPA News reported February 25.

School districts across South Carolina made an early call on whether students would have to attend classes during ice and snow storms. This drew a lot of criticism on whether districts acted prematurely in cancelling classes.

According to South Carolina state law, districts are required to schedule 180 school days per year, and must get approval if they can't meet that requirement.

On February 25, South Carolina lawmakers passed a bill saying those days won't have to be made up. A final vote will be held Wednesday before the bill goes on to the Senate.

Although many critisized districts for making the decision to cancel classes before it was learned conditions would be dangerous, many more praised the decision. School buses don't have seatbelts for the students who ride them, and cancelling classes may have prevented a deadly accident.

In most cases school buses won't travel on icy roads, but these storms turned many areas of the state into vehicle ice rinks. Several fatalities occurred, along with hundreds of accidents during the height of the storms. Imagine the impact parents dropping off students would have caused on already dangerous roads.

This Examiner article covered a school bus accident on a Henderson County road in North Carolina.

Governor Nikki Haley was also critisized for putting South Carolina into a state of emergency with the most recent ice event, but one only has to look at the traffic problems in Georgia to understand what our state would have faced, had the storm not been taken seriously.

Parents, do you feel days the students missed in class should be forgiven? Please leave a comment below.

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