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SC dog found with mysterious photo on his collar has been adopted

Soldier has been adopted
WYFF4 Screenshot

The upstate South Carolina dog found with a mysterious photo in his collar, is going to his new home today, WYFF4 reported February 16.

Soldier, as he was named by an animal technician at Greenville County Animal Care Services(GCACS), was held at the Greenville shelter in hopes he had an owner searching for him.

The decision to find him a forever home was made a few weeks ago, and there was no shortage of people who wanted to give Soldier a home. His story went national, then worldwide, as dog lovers wondered how a dog so obviously loved had ended up in a high-kill shelter.

Soldier, who is estimated to be about 3 years old, caught the eye of Lee County, Virginia attorney Julie Hensley. Hensley had been in rescue for more than 20 years before becoming an attorney. She has experience with training pit bulls, and also continues to provide a home for dogs who are considered unadoptable..

Soldier never actually went up on the adoption floor at GCACS. Julie had contacted the shelter after seeing his story, letting GCACS know she was there to help if needed. Soldier didn't fall into any "hard to adopt" category. Instead, Julie simply fell in love with him.

Julie stated to WYFF4

"It's natural for pit bulls to have a very strong prey drive, but they can be redirected. Most people expect this to happen really fast. But what you need to do is start out by taking responsibility for the dog and not expect him to be good around cats for months."

This is advice anyone who would like to add a pit bull to their home should understand.

Susan Bufano, spokesperson for GCACS, told WYFF4 that a lot of potential homes were weeded out. Most who offered Soldier a home had his best interests at heart, but a few likely wanted to adopt him to be able to brag to their friends of having a famous dog.

Susan ended up calling Julie and asking her to take him. Soldier will be sharing his new home with four dogs, four cats, several horses and 20 chickens.

Great choice Susan. Soldier loves people, and now he has someone special to love him in return.

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