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SC cat reunited with family after missing for almost 2 years

Cat reunited with family after missing for almost 2 years
Facebook: Greenville County Animal Care Services

An upstate South Carolina cat has been reunited with his family almost two years after he went missing, Facebook: Greenville County Animal Care Services reported April 22.

We all know the importance of having a beloved pet micro-chipped. A cat or dog can be lost when escaping the home or property, during a fire or during a natural disaster. Many pets have the misfortune of being stolen from their own yards.

Bruno, owned by Ellen and her daughter Emilia, escaped from his vet on May 12 while he was being boarded.

The family was heartbroken, and spent two miserable years not knowing whether Bruno was safe and loved, or another statistic.

Approximately 10 million cats and dogs are lost or stolen each year, but micro-chipping improves the odds of a precious pet being returned. Petfinder posted an article stating

"Less than 2 percent of lost cats that entered the animal shelters were reunited with their families. The return-to-owner rate for micro-chipped cats was dramatically higher at over 38 percent (more than 2000 percent better)."

Many shelters offer micro-chipping clinics, with prices as low as $10 per pet. Keeping contact information up to date with the hosting company is key in reuniting pets with owners, once a simple scan identifies the pet.

This is how Ellen and Emilia earned their happy ending. They did everything right, including never giving up hope that Bruno would one day find his way back home.

These two ladies rushed from their Spartanburg home to the Greenville shelter, where shelter staff shared the happy moment with their followers.

Thanks to micro-chipping, Bruno is back at home with those he loves.

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