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SBS on a Budget: Using Vistaprint for my Small Business

From Vista Print to
From Vista Print to
Monica Hill

Recently, I started a website design business in 2014, and I was looking for ways to save money and gain visibility for my company. Some of the most common ways I found to increase visibility were business cards, search engine optimization, flyers, banner ads or pay-per-click, and print advertisements. All of these methods were proven effective, but I was most impressed by the discounts I got on my business cards. Here is what I learned from starting my business and how I used VistaPrint to print cheap business cards.

1. Design is Instrumental to Increasing Visibility

The business cards must have an attractive design to convey to the recipient that you are professional and creative as an organization. Designers can provide a unique solution and help you design a great business card that is simple enough to capture the attention of an audience. When the design is impressive, more people are willing to do business with me because they assume my web design will be equally as impressive. Purchasing these business cards were well worth the investment.

2. Hire a Professional Designer

I hired a professional designer on to design my business cards for $5. She did an excellent job. The graphics were clear and distinctive. The layout was simple, yet effective. I received numerous compliments on the business cards, and I got it all accomplished for $5. The designer, then, had the business card printed by VistaPrint.

She uploaded the graphic via a .jpeg or .gif file, and it was sent to the printer who showed us what the finished product would look like. After the business card was verified for accuracy, the printing process began.

The entire process to design the business card took approximately two weeks to complete with the rush shipping on the order. I was eager to get my business started. So, I wanted my business cards immediately. When I started handing them out, I got a positive reaction from my potential clients, and I started receiving more calls.

3. Search for VistaPrint Coupons

After I hired someone for $5, I got an even greater discount with VistaPrint after finding a discount coupon online. The coupons I found were 25 percent off sitewide and $50 off purchases of $150 or more. There were also coupons for $25 off of $100, $10 off of $50, and $5 off of $25. I was impressed that I was able to get 250 for $10. There is also free shipping on all orders over $50.

My designer said the process was easy and was able to just enter a code on the website to get the discounts. She said she didn't have any problems with the codes, and the site even lists the success rates of the discount codes. When I ordered my first 250 business cards, I was able to get free shipping on this order also. This drove my price down for printing these business cards. VistaPrint coupons saved me a significant amount of money.

4. Search Around for Competing Offers

Discount codes are not only at Vistaprintcoupons and RetailMeNot, they are also listed on, the VistaPrint website, and other websites online. Most people enter the search term VistaPrint discount codes, and a multitude of options will be returned. Some of the sites are better than others, but there are plenty of sites available. Some of the sites have repetitive offers, but if one code doesn't work, you can always try a different site. After trying them, I am an advocate of coupon codes because they saved me lots of money.

Try Your Hand at Designing Your Business Cards

Designing your business cards are not easy, but it can be easier if the right person is hired. Follow my suggestions and hire someone from to help you with the design phase. VistaPrint can help you with the rest of the process. If you don't have a custom design, you can complete everything yourself online at the VistaPrint website. I, personally, think that it's best to have a unique design with your logo if you're serious about promoting your business.

Designing your business cards don't have to be difficult. It may seem like people don't use them in this day in age, but clients do appreciate the effort when they have all your information on a single card. It will also save you time from writing the information down or repeating the information for someone to type it in their cell phone. Business cards are more efficient than other methods of sharing information.

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