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'SBK14 Official Mobile Game' released on iOS

SBK14 Official Mobile
SBK14 Official Mobile
Digital Tales

The sports universe is focused on the World Cup, but there are still plenty of great sports games released everyday on iOS.

The SBK14 Official Mobile Game on iPhone or iPad is one of those great games that may have been overshadowed by the World Cup, but it’s definitely worth the time of any sports and racing gamers.

SBK14 is officially licensed by the eni FIM Superbike World Championship — an elite motorcycle racing circuit that competes around the globe. The game features 13 real tracks that have been closely replicated and 27 riders from the league.

The tilt-to-turn mechanism has a very natural feel, but it can be tricky the first few times around. Gamers will have to time their acceleration for each turn carefully and beware of some incredibly sharp angles. However, the challenge of the game makes it fun and isn’t nearly as frustrating as many other iOS racers.

The game allows for a lot of customization in terms of the races, too. Instead of being forced to run a full race every time, SBK14 players can change any race to only one lap. This is a great benefit because many iOS gamers play during a commute or to kill time, and shorter races means more action in less time.

Digital Tales, who also created the iOS racing game Ducati Challenge, boasts that SBK14 features “console-quality graphics,” and it absolutely delivers. The dynamic lighting looks fantastic against the riders, tracks and scenic backgrounds.

While the eni FIM Superbike World Championship is not a popular sport in the United States, the quality of this game is sure to turn the heads of American gamers. Whether you’ve heard of the riders or not, it’s always fun to pick a character from your home country, and compete in a super-stylish, expertly developed racing game.

In terms of graphics and gameplay, SBK14 is definitely superior to other motorcycle games on the App Store, and it even competes with any high-end racing game made by the top-tier developers.

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