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Saying hello opens doors to friendship, programs, & business

Children are the second easiest way to open doors between women, the first is other women. Running businesses out of the home can be a challenge, and if you are not familiar with many other mothers, finding playgroups and activities with other children can also be difficult.

When you're at the McDonald's playplace, dance classes, walking through the grocery store, or cruising the mall, saying hi to other children isn't enough. When your child is engaged with another, say hello to the parent (or other adult) with them.

By starting a conversation, you could end up finding a  MOPS group in your area (like the one at Resurrection Fellowship on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of ever month from 9-11:30 AM, finding a lead for your home business (like Mary Kay and Slumber Parties , or finding out about a new activity in your area that could be fun for your children (like Bloomba Creative Play Center and Cafe