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Saying goodbye to Tiger

I love you Tiger cat!
I love you Tiger cat!
Drew Stoneburner

Tiger is a Yellow Tabby Cat. He is just shy of turning 20. Tiger was a gift from a client upon her deathbed. He is very special for that and so many other reasons.

One of his finest features is his tail. It is so full and fluffy – and so very soft when he wraps it around you. Up until about a month ago, Tiger had distinctive little Lynx-like ears; with hairs protruding from the tip top of the point. For some reason, he began losing his ear hair; at first it simply appeared to be old age.

Although the average life of a domestic housecat is about 17 years, perhaps because of the way that Tiger turned up in my life, I was never considering him to be gone in just over a year. Perhaps he was my link to his cat mother that was my very best friend!

Myra treated Tiger like royalty, but for some reason he was always afraid. When I began helping Myra, and the two of us became close, Tiger began to emerge from his space behind the couch more often. I will never forget the first time he actually jumped up on the couch and settled on my lap – rubbing his gorgeous thick tail across my face. I was both thrilled and frightened at the same time.

You see, since I was little I had always had issues around my kitties. When I was a mere three, I was diagnosed with allergies – to my beloved pets! Mom and dad were forced to either get rid of ‘Puff’ the kitty or get rid of me. They chose to keep me.

Most of the time, if I even pass a cat on the street corner, I will sneeze up a storm and my eye will itch, water and swell until I can barely see out of them. That was my concern with Tiger.

But, hey, call it love, call it a miracle, or call it whatever you like, Tiger never bothered me. Never! He is the first cat in my life that did not make me feel physically awful!

So, when Myra asked her daughter, Linda, and her son, Tom, to see if I would take Tiger for her when she knew she was dying, I gladly said I would. But, now the eminent time has come to say goodbye to my beloved Tiger, too.

My heart is breaking. My soul feels a bit emptier. My mind is reeling, but my heart knows that Tiger does not belong to me. He belongs in Heaven now with Myra and all of the other good people and animals that God welcomes with open arms.

Goodbye my sweet Tabby Cat. I will always love you and cherish you for the time you spent with me. It was really good having a sweet kitty to hold and love again! When you cross that Rainbow Bridge, give my sweet Myra some love from me!

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