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Saying Good-bye With Reiki

Sadie smiling :)
Leslie L. Sommers

We had been thinking about bringing another dog into our home and I had just heard of a woman who rescued a pregnant dog from a kill shelter. I don’t recall how I even found her, but we always rescued so it seemed appropriate that we should meet. Momma dog had 13 happy, healthy puppies. They were all so different and all so beautiful. A small black and white lab/pit mix tugged at my shoelaces, which were evidently connected to my heartstrings. The puppy that was meant to share our lives with us chose us immediately. We scooped her up and thanked the angel who gave these pups and their momma a second chance at life. I gave her some money and she looked confused and told me there was no charge. She was just thankful they were going to a good home. I told her I wasn’t paying for my pup, but that I was donating money to help her care for the remaining pups until she found them all homes too. She was extremely thankful.

Sadie came home with us and never looked back. She was thrilled to have her very own humans and we were equally thrilled with our new furbaby. Our older dog immediately accepted her into our home and even taught her how to behave. Their daily interactions brought much laughter to our domicile. (We’ll skip over the messes and damages, because it’s easy to forget those parts. Besides, most of those made us laugh too…after the cleanup, of course!)

Our gentle, sweet older girl eventually passed of old age, peacefully in our home, and we had several years with just Sadie. Unlike some grouchy old people, the older she got, the more mellow and sweeter she became. Even through dealing with arthritis and other old age afflictions, she remained even tempered and optimistic. She was 13, but aging quickly.

Then one day she had a stroke (see: “How Reiki Saved My Dog”), and for over a week she couldn’t walk, or control her bowels. She just looked at me with her big beautiful eyes, unsure and scared of what was happening to her. For a week we carried our 70lb furchild outside to allow her some dignity. She knew eliminating in the house was wrong and she was so thankful for our help. With every ounce of strength she struggled to lick our hand in gratitude. It was immediately suggested that we would have to put her down and even inquired about the arrangements, but I wasn’t ready and neither was she. I’ve never had to put a pet down before and I prayed I would know when it was the right time. Maybe it was selfish, but we all just needed more time.

One night, I held my girl and sobbed and then told myself I would never find my answers through my emotions. I used meditation and Reiki to ground myself and in a desperate attempt to ease her discomfort I did Reiki on her too. I set up the room as if she were a client, only I held her in my lap as she gently drifted to sleep. I put her on her bed, covered her with her blanket and gently kissed the top of her head not knowing what the morning would bring.

When I came down in the morning, I immediately noticed my sweet girl wagging her tail at me. The same tail that didn’t move for over a week! I asked my husband how she was doing and he said he didn’t know what I did to her, but she was actually walking on her own! I called her to me and cried happy tears when she came. Walking was still difficult, but she did it with determination and unassisted. I continued to do Reiki on her, but in my heart knew we were on borrowed time. One day I immediately noticed her right arm and shoulder was doubled in size. The vet determined it was a fast growing inoperable tumor and suggested it was time to say our good-byes. We took a day or two and as the tumor literally grew before our eyes, it became more and more painful for our girl. We could no longer be selfish and keep her in her failing body. I would have done anything to keep my pup with me, but sometimes letting go is the bravest act of love there is.

We made special arrangements with our mobile vet and were so fortunate to have someone so compassionate and willing to fulfill my wish. I set up the room with dim lights, soft music, candles, and lavender scents. My husband gently placed our girl on my lap, as he had done several times before. I held my sweet girl in my arms (on my recliner), much like you would a small child, as she gazed up at me with her beautiful big eyes. She was surrounded with an abundance of love as I did Reiki on her. In that moment we became one. After several minutes and a nod from me, our vet gave her the injection and I continued to do Reiki as I sent her to the light. Our breath and heartbeats were one…in and out, in…and…out, slower…and…slower, until she took her final breaths and I could feel the rhythm of her heart no more. I felt mine stop too, for just a moment, and I knew that she was gone.

I was blessed and honored to be with her as her spirit departed her broken body. Our vet wiped away her tear and asked if she could take her from me. I couldn’t speak and just nodded my head. With the help of Reiki, I had been able to hold my composure, up until that point. My husband removed her collar, covered her gently and we kissed her good-bye. Our vet told me it was the most peaceful and beautiful passing she had ever witnessed and she wished all transitions could be that way. It wasn’t until they carried her off, that I broke down and sobbed like a baby. But even through my heartbreak and tears, in my heart I knew we did the right thing and at the right time. Once again, I was thankful for Reiki and so grateful that I was able to share those final moments with my sweet Sadie girl.

RIP (Recuperate in Paradise), my beautiful furbaby! Until we meet again!

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