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Saying good-bye to a passionate champion of the animals

Rest in peace Cathy Dubois
Rest in peace Cathy Dubois

In the realm of dog lovers, the world becomes small - a community of familiar faces and names all working together for a mutual cause. On Saturday, May 3, this intimate community lost one of their own, and today, there is great sadness for her passing.

Cathy DuBois was a name familiar to so many - especially those people who worked to save German shepherds, a breed near and dear to Cathy's heart.

I, like so many others, knew the name rather than the person - a familiar Facebook friend to be counted on for rising to the occasion to help save a dog in need. A portion of her obituary provides a glimpse of the person behind the name:

She attended Faith Baptist Church and was active with the German Shepherd Dog Rescue. She was a gifted artist who loved to paint. Cathy loved her animals and especially enjoyed trail rides and camping with her horse.

The Facebook rescue community has lost a friend to the animals - a woman with who worked to give a voice to the voiceless and a champion to those in need.

Condolences have been pouring in to Cathy's Facebook page as her extended rescue family learns of her passing.

Rest in peace Cathy DuBois.