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Say what? Hassan petitions Congress demanding access to affordable contraception

Maggie Hassan demands Congress provide access to affordable contraception
Maggie Hassan demands Congress provide access to affordable contraception
Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for ELLE

Today the campaign to re-elect Governor Maggie Hassan sent out notices to sign a petition that demands Congress act so that all women have access to affordable contraception. Apparently Hassan has forgotten that taxpayers already provide millions of dollars to provide “affordable contraception” to organizations like Planned Parenthood (and many other clinics as well). If Planned Parenthood isn’t providing affordable contraception to women, what exactly are New Hampshire taxpayer dollars being spent on?

Planned Parenthood and other clinics get hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars every year with the excuse that women need access to affordable contraception and family planning. In 2013 alone, Planned Parenthood raked in over $500 million hard-earned taxpayer dollars via federal funding. That amount alone could probably provide all the birth control for every woman in the United States and then some. Is Planned Parenthood charging too much for their birth control or is Hassan just blowing more hot air to win the “low-information women” vote?

You can’t have it both ways (Shaheen made the same claim the other day). Hassan can’t claim women will be denied access to affordable contraception due to the Hobby Lobby ruling (they aren’t since all women have access to contraception regardless) and in the same breath be a proud supporter of Planned Parenthood who actually provides (thanks to New Hampshire taxpayers) affordable contraception to women. But who cares about pesky little details when there is an election to be won!

Unfortunately these details and facts actually do matter to women whose most important issues are not birth control but jobs and the economy. While Hassan and other Democrats focus on birth control, women are desperately looking for work; trying to pay for their increased health insurance costs; fighting against ridiculous Common Core standards and trying to keep their families’ heads above water since the prices of everything have increased. While “Rome is burning”, Hassan focuses on something that already exists – access to affordable contraception. It shows how little she thinks of women voters in New Hampshire and how out-of-touch she is with the Granite State.