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Say no to year round schools in Michigan

Would year round schooling make a difference in Michigan education? Apparently at least two districts, the Madison School District in Lenawee County and the Port Huron Area School District, think so. They have accepted money from the Michigan Department of Education in order to implement plans for year round schooling. Others have already taken state money for such purposes while one district, the Watersmeet Public Schools, have elected not to take state money for such purposes due to a lack of community support.

Call us skeptical that year round schooling is worth the effort. While it may be true that the first part of a typical school year involves refreshment courses we feel that point unimportant. Given that American schools typically don't actually teach, an extra few weeks in the classroom won't make much, if any, difference. Given also that summer vacation is seen as a boon to many Americans, especially the schoolchildren, we see no reason to buck the tradition.

If Michigan would be any better off with year long education we might encourage the idea. But knowing that education isn't much more than propaganda these days, we don't see the sense in giving schools even more time to indoctrinate our young. If schools were to actually teach kids to think for themselves and by themselves the idea might have merit. As it is, more of the same old same old simply won't make a difference.

Really, the fact that this idea has even come up reflects poorly on our schools. If they can't get the job done in the time they have (education isn't actually that difficult) then more time certainly can't be the issue, especially in the younger grades. Demonstrating that two plus two equals four or that George Washington was our first President just isn't all that mind bending, folks. And yes, we know full well that not all parents are supportive. But would two and a half extra months in the classroom mend that problem?

Leave the school calendar as it is. Changing it only feeds the notion that action, any action, actually helps make things better. It doesn't. Generally, it only stirs the pot.

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