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Say no to hangovers with NEVER HUNGOVER


It’s the weekend, which means that the partying is about to begin. If you are like us and hate that feeling of being hung over the day after a long night of drinking, you no longer have to worry,

It’s time to meet NEVER HUNGOVER.

NEVER HUNGOVER is a great tasting dietary supplement that is made of a natural vitamin blend, antioxidants, amino acids, nutrients and minerals to give your body a detoxifying cleanse while drinking so you can wake up feeling refreshed. It’s as easy as including it in your drink.

The product is caffeine and gluten free, and contains no carbs, calories, or sugars. How does it work? The mixer helps to neutralize and process the toxins cause by alcohol in your liver and kidneys. The result? You can party all night long and still wake up feeling great! Doesn’t get much better than that.

We have all found ourselves at one time or another indulging in that extra cold beer or frozen margarita only to wind up with a headache full of regrets vowing to never drink again. If you could prevent that day after feeling necessitating a run out the next day to overindulge in greasy foods, wouldn’t you want to? We sure do.

Here are some ways to combat that next hangover. Consider mixing your cocktail with NEVER HUNGOVER the next time you want a cocktail without the painful morning after effects that come along with it.


1.5 oz chilled tequila

2 oz Never Hungover

Method: Pour & serve in a rocks glass over ice


1.5 oz Dark or Spiced Rum

1.5 oz Pineapple Juice

.75 oz Red Cranberry Juice

Shake all ingredients over ice and strain.

NEVER HUNGOVER is available at GNC stores nationwide. For more information, visit Retail price is $2.99 per 2oz. bottle.

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