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Say NO! to bullying in the workplace

Watch and witness
Watch and witness

The Bully Culture

Much is said these days about bullies at work. Little is said about bully cultures in Corporate America.

Bullies in the workplace are shifted into shape and morphed into tyrants because of culture – i.e., social patterns of experience. Bullies would die ignominiously – like fish out of water – without a bully culture.

The Power of We

If you want to impact organizational culture and say NO! to bullies in the workplace, use the following highly-effective group technique.

Stand behind the bullied employee – literally, all of you. Stay silent and gather around the employee. Look at and maintain eye contact with the bully – every single one of you. Don’t speak. Watch and witness. It won’t take long for the bully to stop bullying.

The technique is highly-effective because:

1. It ‘powers up’ the employee being bullied.

2. It ‘powers down' the bully.

3. Witnessing re-levels the culture – now.

Re-leveling the Bully Culture

Use the group technique consistently – whenever a bully bullies – and within a short span of time cultural re-leveling – i.e., a healthier culture – will emerge. Re-leveling is a sign that change is taking place and the culture is becoming a ‘say NO! to bullying culture.’

Say NO! to bullying in the workplace in the 21st century. There's no better time than now.

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