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Say It Isn't Snow! (I know, it's a cheesy title!)

The next seven days ahead
The next seven days ahead
Scott Derek

Monday started off cloudy with a piece of energy aloft skirting by(there was no moisture associated with it however) and temperatures were sitting into the upper 30s around 10am after bottoming out at 33 at 2:36 this morning. By noon the clouds pushed away and with plenty of sunshine we quickly reached a high of 51 at 1:19 this afternoon at Philly International! I hope you savored the flavor because we will not see the 50s.....NOR the 40s for AT LEAST the next seven days....

Between 4-8" of snow can fall Tuesday night into Wednesday morning; higher amounts to the east in Jersey
Scott Derek

An Arctic cold front is on the way and will push southward through the region after Midnight so after hovering around 40 early temperatures will drop below freezing by sunrise; this will ensure that when moisture moves in just before noontime that it will all be snow and stick to roadways right away(creating icy conditions). Snow will continue through the evening commute and then taper off just after Midnight(so it's roughly a 12-hour storm). As for a total snow accumulation I am predicting 4-8" across Center City and the suburbs, EXCEPT for over the Delaware River into New Jersey where 6-12" of heavier banded snow can occur.

Now if you look at the snowfall map there is an image of Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce in an odd pose; this is because I have a tradition of making fun of the Weather Channel names(because they cause mass confusion to the public AND they are just plain stupid names as well). With them naming this storm "Janus" it a bit of a stretch to find a good reference; in some languages apparently the "J" is either silent or pronounced with an "H", but nonetheless I couldn't be crude and put an image of a butt crack on my potential snowfall map!

I was looking for big-butted celebrities and of course Kim Kardashian came to mind first(that thing should have its own zip code!)....BUT I thought to stay within the theme of the letter J and went with Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce instead(her butt is big enough, I guess). So that's why I chose that image and in a classic Jay-Z response, I shall say, "ahh haaa!"
Once this moves away Wednesday night shall be very cold with lows in the single digits to around the lower teens. Highs on Thursday will be just in the upper 20s.

Don't forget that you can check out the rest of the seven day forecast any time at