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Say "I Do" to flirty fun this wedding season!

Wedding season has only just begun!
Wedding season has only just begun!

With Memorial weekend a thing of the past, we are entering into the month of June, and with that comes that time of year that everyone looks forward to (or dreads, I suppose, depending on your perspective!) I'm talking of course about wedding season! Whether you are part of a wedding party, or just have several wedding invitations (like four!), there's no denying that starting in June, love is definitely in the air.

For wedding crashers and love-a-holics alike, there's nothing quite like a wedding to bring out the fun and flirty side of people--especially when you are single! There's SO many ways to get your flirt on at a summer wedding that a person definitely doesn't need my assistance in figuring out what to do to catch the eye of that cute usher. Just in case though, here's some information that might come in handy.

Two words: White Strips.  One of the most attractive qualities is confidence, and one of the simplest ways to give yourself a huge confidence boost is to make those pearly whites be--well, a little pearlier and whiter! Its not expensive, only takes 30 minutes a day, and will give you instant sex appeal. Trust and believe on this one.

Another thing you can do is scope out the wedding party/potential guests ahead of time. Most weddings these days will have a wedding website with the names of the people involved. You can then scope out your soon-to-be-married friends Facebook page, and see if theres anyone who looks promising. Sure, it seems a little stalkerish, but all you are doing is checking for potential! You can always request to be seated close to that person, and then strike up a super-stimulating conversation. (Thanks to 'Maxim' for this one!)

While you are enjoying your wedding season, do just that: enjoy it. Do you want to talk to that person who's sitting at a table at the reception, head resting on a hand, with a bored expression on their face? Me neither. So be one of those people having the time of your life, dancing it up, mingling with everyone (with your white strips smile, of course!) and you'll definitely get noticed. If you want to take it up a notch, then go visit the girls at the MAC counter at Younkers Valley West, and they'll give you an amazing sultry look--and you don't need to buy anything!

So go out and start enjoying your wedding season--with these tips, you'll definitely be ready to say "I do" to some flirty fun!