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Say goodbye to the office and get away from your desk

68 percent of non-desk job workers like their ability to stay more physically active.
68 percent of non-desk job workers like their ability to stay more physically active.
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Avoid desk jobs if you want to be more physically active, enjoy a variety, get away from computer, have more flexibility, wear casual clothes and avoid office politics. This is what people with non-desk jobs told a survey of over 3,000 workers, reported by CareerBuilder Thursday.

Ever feel underwater at your desk job?
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Be just as happy

Non desk-job workers are equally happy with their jobs as people who work at a desk. Better yet, far fewer have any complaints at all about their about their work environment. All but 14 percent of workers in desk jobs complained about their work environment compared to 38 percent of workers in non-desk jobs who said they had no complaints.

Keep your weight down

Getting away from the desk means you are less likely to feel you are overweight. Fifty-eight percent of workers in desk jobs workers said they are overweight. Still, half of all non-desk job workers say they are overweight and 30 percent of them say they have gained weight working in their current position.

Earn less but expect less pay

Of those working away from a desk, 40 percent of people surveyed earn less than $35,000 while of those with desk jobs only 20 percent are below $35,000. More desk job workers (13 percent) had pay in six figures compared to others (seven percent). Sixty one percent of workers in non-desk jobs say they currently earn or are close to earning their desired salary compared to 71 percent of desk-job workers whose pay matches expectations.

Physical jobs and their benefits

The labor department shows there many non-desk jobs in the field of medicine, construction, food preparation, factory work and auto services. The benefit of working in these jobs are shown by the Center for Disease Control which promotes physical activity as a way to control your weight, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, help avoid diabetes and even as a guard against some types of cancers.

Survey Mechanics

Harris Poll conducted this online survey for CareerBuilder between February 10 and March 4, 2014 asking 3,197 U.S. workers ages 18 and over. The survey tapped the opinions of 2,095 people who typically work behind a desk and 1,102 don’t typically work behind a desk. CareerBuilder helps companies target and attract great talent globally.

See the slide show for more details on the advantages of desk jobs.

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