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Say goodbye to Stefan


His deeply dark-set eyes, hunky Elvis Priestly hair, and magnificently defined muscles from here until the eye can see, assure that Stefan Pinto will command the spotlight in any room he gallivants into.

But despite his appearance--this actor and fashion model is really just a shy, comic book loving, computer geek trapped in a superstar’s body.

Pinto's South Florida curtain call took place this past weekend in “Mr. Charles, currently of Palm Beach” by Paul Rudnick and “Mexico City” by David Leddick, both one-act plays. Stefan is leaving the beaches of Miami to pursue an acting career in California.

“I liked performing in ‘Mexico City’ because its creative, the dialogue is proactive, its disguised as a comedy with very thought provoking moments about growing old,” Pinto said. “David Leddick is amazing, and has funny facial expressions throughout the show.”

Leddick said his inspiration for “Mexico City’ came from a news story he read about a man who dressed in drag to gain access into little old lady’s houses and kill them.

Pinto previously performed in Rising Action Theater’s Say You Love Satan and Escorts and appeared on television in USA Network’s Burn Notice and in the feature films Life is a Beach and Meatballs.

Ten years ago this now-sultry seducer lived in New Jersey as an overweight website designer enjoying Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza while wishing for something greater.

After a Whole Foods supermarket and a small gym sprung up in his neighborhood, the geek turned chic lost more than 60 lbs in what would be the beginning of his incredible life-changing journey. After two years of working out and sticking to the Men’s Health Diet, a celebratory vacation to Miami to show off his new body led to a model scout discovering the unknown and raw talent.

Now at age 39 Pinto has maintained his incredible body, while keeping his down-to-earth sensibilities and quirky personality—he now hopes to go out and help others achieve their dreams.

“For a lot of people, fantasies remain fantasies because if it comes true, its no longer a fantasy, you need to learn to make a goal, make a plan, assign dates and reward yourself with milestones,” Pinto said. “Learn to increase the possibilities of things happening to you by doing the research, and contacting the right people. I would much rather go to a living, breathing person for advice. If you see someone who has something that you want to accomplish, go up and talk to them, ask questions, that’s how you learn.”

Pinto appeared as the August 2007 centerfold in Playgirl magazine, has worked as a personal trainer at Equinox fitness in South Beach and currently writes a Fitness column for

This is Pinto’s second performance in one of the playwright Leddick’s productions. 

“Stefan is a lot like Cary Grant—he’s quite gentlemanly, he’s very sexy and he can deliver a funny line,” Leddick said. “Stefan is great looking on stage and people really like coming out to see him.

A former creative director for Revlon and L’Oreal cosmetics, Leddick is the author of My Worst Date, Never Eat In, and The Sex Squad and several art compilation books including The Nude Male and George Platt Lynes. However, he prefers to be in the spotlight.

“I like being on stage more because learning my lines is good for my brain,” Leddick jokes. “It’s an experience that many other people don’t get to have, and I am all about new experiences.”

Leddick said he hopes to perform these two plays again together in the future as part of festivals or a traveling show.

Pinto will be missed when he changes coasts.