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Say goodbye to résumé headaches

As an Internet gadgets reporter here on Examiner, I discover that plenty of times the best “gadgets” I run across aren’t the stereotypical electronic devices. They aren’t always the newest bendable smartphones or twistable power strips – even though those are pretty cool, too. Sometimes they are intangible online products or services that are just as technologically minded and even more useful, like the Freedom Résumé from Lifodex.

Freedom Résumé
Freedom Résumé

Indeed, as a writer who loves writing, I’ve found throughout my career that creating résumés is one of the most difficult tasks in the field – and if a long term, experienced and established writer has a hard time with the process that’s so important to job seeking, I can only imagine the difficulties encountered by those who are not professional writers. The problem begins when an average everyday person or a student starts trying to play around with word processors to get a basic résumé written. That’s when they start to get confused with basic template selection or trying to figure out font style, spacing, bolding and so much more that leaves them frustrated.

Getting a great-looking résumé done for free, with helpful feedback

The best part about Freedom Résumé is that it is so easy to use and it takes few seconds to sign up quickly. Once logged in, the system guides you with intuitive step-by-step instructions built on top of a user friendly interface. Moreover, the service provides you with help for each section so you do not feel lost when trying to create one from scratch in an unfamiliar word-processing program. Heck, it’s hard enough to figure out the right way to list your basic professional experience, the last thing you need is to have to worry about formatting. Freedom Résumé provides a solution for both.

The Lifodex résumé software helps candidates with template layout as well as content creation. Through their beautifully designed interface, you can invite other readers to review and edit what you’ve written – plus they give you the ability to either keep or delete whatever suggestions you’d like right on the screen so you do not have to waste time downloading it to adjust it manually.

Another great feature that I love as an online writer is the fact that your résumé will have its own web-based link to help you readily share it with prospective employers, in addition to the very convenient options to download it to a PDF or Microsoft Word document.

Join Freedom Résumé for big benefits

Unlike other confusing websites, this one is great for people just starting out in their careers, or those who don’t have a lot of resources in getting the résumé-creation job done – but need one that looks great and is of high quality – and done quickly and easily.

It’s a great time to join because in coming months, the site plans to add new functionality to assist users in searching for jobs that more effectively match job seekers’ skills with the perfect jobs to utilize those skills, even if they don’t have the good old boy connections that others in professional networks may enjoy, at which time it will still remain free for users.

Therefore, jump in and jump on this site – which happens to be in beta as of this writing. You’ll be glad you became one of the early adopters, and your career will thank you.

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