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Say Anything at House of Blues

Say Anything (Photos: Karin Dailey /
Say Anything (Photos: Karin Dailey / was invited by RCA/JIVE Label Group to cover Say Anything's insane set at the Boston House of Blues on Tuesday night. Say Anything is a emo-indie-pop-punk group, led by super energetic frontman, Max Bemis. These guys are currently on the road, supporting the Angels & Airwaves Love tour (with Blink-182 guitarist/vocalist, Tom DeLonge), but stood out on their own with a memorable performance. Bemis, powered by Red Bull (which he shared with a lucky fan in the front row), carried the band through tunes that seemed familiar with everyone in the venue. Say Anything played some of their older songs, and mixed in some new material. There was a lot of sweat and the guys paid close attention to the fans, feeding off the crowd throughout their time on stage.

Say Anything
Karin Dailey

Katherine, from East Barre, VT told Examiner, “I drove all the way here from Vermont, because Max Bemis is my favorite song writer and they put on an amazing show every time. I’ve seen them four times.” Her boyfriend, Steve added, “I had never heard of Say Anything until my girlfriend got me into them. I’m glad, because they are so awesome to watch live.”

Ryan, from Holliston shared, “My favorite CD is …Is a Real Boy. The set was just amazing. It was great and I couldn’t ask for anything better.” Further down the front barricade was Tiana from Rhode Island, “Say Anything was absolutely amazing. It was a great show, a great setlist – amazing.”

Stephanie didn’t know what I wanted her to say, but she eventually spit out, “I love Say Anything. The set was awesome. It was my third time seeing them and it was the most fun one I’ve been to.” She continued, “It was my first time in the front - really cool and their music has been very influential for me. I’ve been a big fan for countless number of years and I’m glad I got to see them again.”

It was an out of control set. Someone even threw a condom on stage, which ended up in the pit, with the photographers. Thank God, it was still in its wrapper. Say Anything’s album and tour information can be found on their website.

Max Bemis - VOCALS
Coby Linder - DRUMS

Angels & Airwave's part of the evening was a little more low key.  As I type that, I want to take that back.  Their show was a mix of long mellow intros/interludes, followed by absolute mayhem.  The moody lighting and atmostphere set the tone for the night.  Tom DeLonge told the crowd that he watched everyone in line at the venue, from the tour bus window.  He mentioned that Angels & Airwaves was somewhat of a 'best kept secret' - not being heavily rotated on the radio or on TV - and he seemed genuinely stoked to fill the House of Blues with such an enthusiastic group of fans.  Check out the band's website here.

Don't forget to check out the photos in the slideshows below.  KMD


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