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Saxophonist Ray Silkman and Corey Raé: A soulful duo

When life served Ray Silkman lemons, he made lemonade. Through the love of music, Ray created the life he now lives. Enduring hardship and overcoming struggles, Ray Silkman knows a thing or two on how to survive. This is why he has become very instrumental in the life of Corey Raé. Giving back and Mentorship are ways in which Ray has continued to grow. Sunday, July 27, Corey Raé debuted his new project "As I Am", at the Society Art Gallery here in Chicago, accompanied by Silkman on the title track. Ray Silkman is on a mission to the top with Corey Raé by his side.

Saxophonist Ray Silkman and Corey Rae: A soulful duo [photos courtesy of Ray Silkman/Corey Rae/Latrea Morrow; used with permission]
Saxophonist Ray Silkman and Corey Rae: A soulful duo [photos courtesy of Ray Silkman/Corey Rae/Latrea Morrow; used with permission]
Ray Silkman, Corey Rae, Silkscreen Productions
Soulful duo: Saxophonist Ray Silkman and singer Corey Raé
Ray Silkman, Corey Raé, Silkscreen Productions

Living homeless on the street, performing in the subway and on street corners, Ray Silkman used those memories as fuel to ignite his passion into overdrive. Ray remembered that his mom told him he could do anything. Armed with confidence and renewed strength, he set out to conquer his circumstances. Ray received an opportunity to play for a fashion show and from that time to now, he has performed in many venues and opened for the legendary George Benson, Kenny G and others. Ray Silkman never allowed his circumstances to dictate his outcome.

Knowing very well the pitfalls that await youth in life, Ray started the True Gifts Foundation Inc. to immerse youth, ages 7-19, in the field of the Arts and educated them in the music business. His work with the young people equips them with the knowledge and know-how to succeed, not only in the Arts, but also in life. Developing their creativity and expanding them culturally in turn produces well-rounded individuals. Contact True Gifts Foundation Inc. for information on the 10 week enrichment program for youth at 708-439-8004.

In January of this year, Corey Raé signed an exclusive deal with Silkman Productions, Ray Silkman's artists management and production company. To attest to Silkman's giving back and mentorship, Ray has taken Corey under his wing. Navigating him through the entertainment industry which can be very tricky and cut-throat. Corey Raé isn't naivé at all, traveling the country competing in several talent pageants as a youngster, but to have someone there to advise and encourage is crucial. A mentor is something Ray himself didn't have growing up not knowing his father. Learning and playing the saxophone as a young man became Ray's purpose and later his saving grace after being robbed and left homeless.

In a world of uncertainties, there are so many people in need of a helping hand. For those who are unable to lift themselves up or just need a little push, people such as Ray Silkman, are rare finds to take time to aid in someone's life. "If I can help somebody, as I pass along, If I can cheer somebody, with a word or song, If I can show somebody, how they're travelling wrong, Then my living shall not be in vain." (lyrics written by Alma B. Androzzo) To purchase music and find out the latest news on these phenomenal artists, visit Ray Silkman's website and check out Corey Raé on Reverbnation.

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