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Savvyone tip: Managing negative traffic sources

Miami small businesses may find managing negative traffic sources to your Web site to be a difficult task. There is a saying that makes you believe there is no such thing as bad or negative publicity. However, if you are a Christian that may not always be true. For instance, what should a business do when a porn site appears to be a referral site and starts sending traffic your way?

Apparently, there is an adult site that has been spotted on referral stats for blogs. This has alarmed some site owners to the point there is a Google forum with some details and advice for how to deal with the issue. Managing negative referral traffic sources may bring to mind how does this influence my online reputation. After all, Google does flag content that they deem inappropriate or unfair in some manner. This may result in Web sites being removed from search results.

Well the good news according to the forum, is that the actions by this porn site does not negatively impact your online reputation. There are not any links posted by the adult content site either. As a Christian, it is important to me to know that because pornography is an addiction for many people. Therefore, I am glad to know that when an unwanted referral information shows up it doesn't necessarily mean that I am somehow associated or contributing.

If you believe that your Web site has been targeted, you should read more about it at the Google Groups forum link here. Unfortunately, there is not a way to prevent this from happening to your site according to the forum. Perhaps, if enough people complain, there will be some safeguards in place. Google makes it not as easy to simply write a short complaint because they try to categorize everything and direct you to previously answered questions. Customer service improvement is hopefully on the horizon, if not, it may be Google's undoing in the popularity contest for search engine success.

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