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Savvyone tip: Make diversity easier to achieve

Diversity is something that Miami has plenty of and doesn't appear to be running short of anytime soon. Culture in South Florida is vital to some small business' survival. If your business is homogeneous mostly, that may evolve over time due to globalization. Globalization involves the world economies becoming interdependent on each other. Increasingly, it hard to find independent retailers that can compete with big box ones, like Walmart. Amazon is poised to take over the Web retail front and this leaves for little room for expansion for independent sellers online. Therefore, what is a small business to do? After all, it is unlikely that the same distribution channels are going to open up to allow for fair opportunity, especially since companies like Walmart have contracts the prevent such deals from their suppliers. Well, you can start by making diversity easier to achieve by hiring talent of different backgrounds or incorporating other ethnic groups needs into your products. Essentially becoming more niche is the way to go and being nimble enough to change at a moments notice.

Start by hiring people that can relate to the audience you are planning to target. Miami tends to have segments of the population that are ethnically dense, and thus, has many specific pockets of needs that only they may understand or know about. Hire people at multiple levels from that group to help ensure that you get the best picture of how your brand will be perceived. Allowing consultants to play a role may be useful as well. Research and develop the product effectively and determine who or what are your biggest threats to success. A SWOT Analysis is a great tool to use. Remember innovation comes from people, not by a machine process. There is not any substitute for human ingenuity.

Determine what is an unmet need of your community or one that you seek to gain traction within. This may mean learning about the import/export business to obtain the products you may desire to sell to become more niche. Develop trade agreements and travel to the location(s) to better improve your chances of a good working relationship. Meet with your suppliers when possible and build a bridge for your business to thrive. Make sure your Passport is up-to-date and your Visa are in order when necessary.

Lastly, when you travel you may get new ideas for products that people may be willing to buy that are not part of the ethnic group. Sometimes, you can stumble upon items that have mass appeal. To learn more about what to do when facing ethnicity differences, visit my company blog. It discusses ideas for how to incorporate both the bride and groom during a mix union whether it be cultural or religious. Even though the piece is not directly business oriented, it can offer some sounds suggestions in working with people with different views. Achieving diversity and unity simultaneously can be done when everyone is willing to work in harmony.

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