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Savvyone tip: How to simply bless your small business

Even if your business is doing fine, it can always do better in some manner. I guess that is why I have seen so many people show or share their various beliefs in a higher power. Religion has an obvious influence in many small businesses in South Florida. Miami's small businesses tend to have some form of religious relics as a way to attract business or bless the business for prosperity.

As a Christian, I don't believe that you need any particular items. Although, some people feel it is a must to have a cross as an outward expression of their faith in Jesus Christ. My only caution would be to make sure that it doesn't become like an idol that you depend upon for all your happiness or comfort. Over the years, I have seen many offices that display things from a statue of Buddha, a cauldron to place coins in for luck and pictures of the Virgin Mary. Therefore, it's clear that Miami business people have various methods of blessing their small businesses. From a Christian perspective, I have found a few simple fundamental things that you can do to bless your small business.

First, you must have an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. The Bible says you must go through Him to get to God, the Father. Your business can't be blessed by God without His involvement to guide your footsteps. Ultimately, He owns everything. The Bible describes God as omnipresent (everywhere), omnipotent (all-powerful) and omniscient (all-knowing), so you can't go wrong when in fellowship with Him. He is the best business partner you can have.

Second, make it a habit to invite God into your decision-making process by praying. For instance, don't invest in a new venture without consulting God because He may show you another way. Also, this means you need the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of you to be able to perceive what God's Spirit is saying to you. God can be very specific sometimes. Every Christian is supposed to have the Holy Spirit, but it is possible to ignore Him because of our free will.

Third, you can dedicate a tenth of your earnings and/or donate your resources to a worthy cause. Giving to a church, or partnering with a non-profit to volunteer can be ways of accomplishing this effort successfully. Your business should be more than about supporting your lifestyle. Be a blessing to others and in time, it will flow back to you. However, it may not come back in a way to expect it. I am a true believer of this because the Bible says so, and I have experienced it for myself.

In conclusion, business owners can choose to elect many ways to bless their business for prosperity. There is not any one set guide, but as for me, I found that the three aforementioned strategies were vital. Greed has in many ways taken over the business world, so rejecting that trend really makes your small business exceptional. Prayer may seem awkward in modern times, but it is worth it, no matter your business training. Having a solid relationship with Jesus Christ will grant access that is beyond the human imagination. God, the Father, has plans for good and not evil, so be sure to listen with your spirit of discernment granted by the one and only, Holy Spirit. Study the Bible from at least two versions (i.e., New Living Translation and King James Version) with an open heart is a great starting point. The book of Proverbs has some great strategies for business minds.


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