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Savvyone tip: How a video can help wedding clients decide on an Officiant

Today, the world is so saturated with content, and it is turning to online video to diversify. Last year, my Miami based company was featured on multiple reality shows for a theme wedding we did and it went viral. Videos can be very helpful for learning how to do things, and what to buy. But could a video also help you decide on your choice for your destination wedding Officiant?

Couples from the past five years that hired JMK Notary & Services to help celebrate their special day!
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Young couple ties the knot in a Miami-Dade County Park
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Maybe it can, if you are looking for more than just pictures and reviews. A video can give you a glimpse into things that some may fail to consider when selecting an officiant as a good fit. The top things I believe people regretfully fail to consider when there is not a video are: #1 the officiant's comfort level with the audience, #2 tidiness of appearance, and #3 the ability to be creative when appropriate. Reviews and snapshots can be limited in these areas when depicting the reality or manipulated intentionally. It is harder to do this with a video of an actual ceremony that is not constantly edited to skip to new scenes. The officiant clearly performs well or not.

You may ask, why are these factors important? Well, it should matter when you place high value on your big event. After all, there are instances where officiants freeze up or attend the event looking disheveled. Let's be honest, reviews don't always share the worst details. Any scenario like the aforementioned are not a good look for a wedding day. Therefore, videos I believe, can really aid Officiants in distinguishing themselves and showing their value. Accolades and pictures are great when coupled with video footage of ceremonies. In my opinion, the only aspect left to be considered is selecting the style. For instance, do couples prefer a polished professional video or one done by the officiant showcasing their experience? This is definitely an individual call because for some it may come down to raw authenticity vs. perceived expense when hiring based on a video.

In conclusion, taking the time to compile clips of video from past client events is a great way to showcase some of your experience. The video quality should be good enough to allow the viewer to see what is happening and be no more than five minutes. A good video should not constantly skip to new scenes of the same ceremony because it may appear to be a ploy to hide flaws. For instance, our company developed one based on footage taken from our video files of several ceremonies with plenty of snapshots from other couples too. To view the video that we designed to help clients get to know us better, go to the link here and gain additional information about us @ or our blog. For a more polished look, you should consider re-enactments. However, the standard is higher because the idea is that it was planned to promote certain aspects of your talent. Contact a professional to attend your events to help organize a video that can best showcase your work highlights. Either way, a video can be helpful for a bride or groom when they are stuck between two great choices. A video may push one over the top. Keep in mind that a video is a tool, and it should not to be relied upon exclusively to book officiants. Always ask God for direction when making any decision. One tip that can help both the officiant and the couple is more communication before finalizing anything. God bless!