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Savvyone tip: Google can help you work smarter on-the-go

Often times, people think of Google as the go to place for advertising, but as a small business person, you should consider expanding that idea. People may forget, Google also provides cheap and inexpensive tools for the business world, like email similiar to their popular Gmail system for personal users. As a Miami mobile entrepreneur, I find using some of the features to be essential in giving my business an edge over the competition. I have used "Google Voice" before it was acquired by Google and it's definitely a smart tool to enhance a business with an additional phone number option. This tool is free and keeps me in touch with clients more effectively because of the enhanced features that phone companies charge for. Apparently, Google likes to keep small business owners engaged with their products and rolls out new ones from time to time. Smartphone users can work smarter, even if, they are operating a simple small business on-the-go. For example, Google introduced "Google Cloud Print." As they say, "Print anywhere, from any device."

This feature is very helpful to mobile notaries that are not printing any confidential or sensitive information. Like in my case, I may be scheduled to meet a wedding client near their selected venue and need to print a new agreement form. Mobile workers like myself don't have to hang around their offices or homes anymore, if there is a FedEx nearby, or in route. Google's Cloud Print allows me to pull a saved file from "Drive" formerly known as "Google Docs" using my smartphone to send it to print at a FedEx near me for pick up. This partnership removes the worry of professionals having to carry USB flash drives, laptops and mobile printers in some cases.

In conclusion, I am a user of products that Google offers and some small businesses should employ Google Cloud Print as a tool to work smarter. The less stuff to carry around, the better is my motto. Best of all, it's free to use, excluding the printing costs at FedEx. Stay engaged on news regarding Google's products because there may be something in store that will help your small business grow, save time or reduce costs. God bless on your smart business strategies decisions!


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