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Savvyone tip: Flex-time for parents

Today's economy is full of parents both working outside the home full-time. If you are a Miami employer, you may want to consider giving flex-time to employee parents with children school-aged, particularly under 12. Determine how well your business has been doing first because you could see a shift. If you have reserves and things are looking bright, why not, help your employees who help make it happen!

As kids finish summer break and go back to school, this leaves some parents with hard decisions about working verses caring for the needs of their young ones who have active schedules. Homework, sports and the like take a lot of commitment and some parents need a little break to be the best asset to the small business that you own. So whether you are a cake baker, doctor's office or insurance agency it may be time for you to make strides to stand out from the average private small business. Consider a parent flex-time for the school year.

There is a preconceived myth that all parents have support for childcare. However, not all working parents outsource for help for various reasons, so this can cause a lot of dilemma. Small businesses are usually nimble enough to allow for some allowances, so hopefully, your small business can become one of them. A few tips to providing flex-time as a small business are as follows: create a playroom at the workplace; designate a day of the week for special accommodations and make a day per quarter when lunch is provided for busy working parents.

Who knows, this could rack up brownie points with employees that aren't parents too because they see people within the organization being given consideration. Perhaps, when they become parents or have some other situation, they will feel confident in your small business' dedication to workers. This behavior helps to lower employee turnover and increase overall company morale.

A few final words of caution: Don't allow employees who don't deserve any special benefits to receive them because it will cause tension among workers. Flex-time should be awarded according to policy and when a worker proves he or she is not gaming the system. For instance, someone always wants a Friday off and never fills in for a co-worker on a Friday to make it up. Flex-time should be suspended for repeat offenders. Productivity should never suffer because of added perks to your growing small business. A trial basis should be considered before any final policy is put into place for flex-time. I suggest waiting until the following school year to make it official depending on how well it works. Hopefully, this will translate to more workers being included in the flex-time program whether they have kids or not as the business succeeds.

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