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Savvy wine palate produces The Vineyard's inventory

The Vineyard offers a highly selective inventory of fine wines to please your palate.
The Vineyard offers a highly selective inventory of fine wines to please your palate.
Tracey Bedford

In a small, unassuming Cherry Creek North store front, The Vineyard carries on its thirty-ninth year in the wine business. From the sidewalk, a select few bottles can be seen. But once inside and down the stairs, the collection that beckons and holds thousands of Denver’s wine drinkers becomes apparent. Packed into this cellar is a carefully honed collection of wine from the world’s wine regions, including our own in Colorado.

The wine buyer, Rich Richter, tastes on an ongoing basis, hundreds of wines offered via importers, wholesalers, and wineries. Those that make the store’s shelves are deemed exceptional. Some are new offerings, years from making a review in a large wine periodical. Others are from small vintners that do not produce the volume required for wide distribution. When asked about his approach to selecting wines, he replied “I taste pretty much every day and choose what I think are the best representatives of the varietals and the region or country of origin, in each price range. I look for what is the best of its kind.” In a nutshell, Richter’s wine buying philoshopy is “all of the wines we pick have to over-deliver at their price points.”

This cherry picked approach to wine selection has kept The Vineyard in demand since its founding in 1971. Services, such as the Wine of the Month Club, and Dealer’s Choice monthly selections of a ½ or full case, are perennial favorites with customers who appreciate the distinct wines and learn through drinking them.  Dealer’s Choice selections are tailored to your preferences and the volume purchase allows for a nice savings. In each of these, the wine is received with detailed aroma, body, and taste descriptions.

A significant amount of the The Vineyard’s inventory is discounted during the store’s biannual Case Lot Wine Sale.  Accompanying the sale is a Wine Tasting and Fundraiser, allowing customers to compound their wine drinking pleasure by doing good for others. This year the fundraiser is assisting The Foundation Fighting Blindness. This sale started last week and runs through March 31. The Wine Tasting is February 28 at the University Club. The purchase volume required, ½ or full case, allows the store to offer compelling prices.

The Vineyard has its own label wines made through winemakers in California, Oregon, Italy, and France. The California Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon can be selected for personalized label service. Make your wine choice, add a commemorative label, and you have a wonderful keepsake for a special event.

Visit the store on Friday and Saturday afternoons from 2-5PM to sample up to four different wines. In addition, “Thirst-Aid Kits,” gift baskets, accessories, and select wine books are offered. Delivery to a single address in the Denver-Boulder Metro Area is free for purchases of wine, accessories, or books of $50 or more. For orders less than $50, the delivery charge is $10.00.

When asked for two wines around $15 that are excellent, Richter recommended:

2008 Cono Sur Viognier, Chile 750ml $15

2007 La Cartuja, Priorat, Spain 750 ml $20

Stop in and see why this store has long time, loyal customers that shop no where else. If asked, the well-versed, professional wine staff will direct you toward something that will make you smile. Or for a taste experience, sign up to attend the Wine Tasting, February 28. 

The Vineyard
261 Fillmore Street
Denver CO 80206
303 355 8324
Fax 303 355 1413

Mon-Sat: 9:30AM - 6:00PM
Sun: 12:00 - 5:00PM


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