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Savvy Scavengers


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Yesterday, I had a get together with a few friends and one of the girls was wearing the cutest pair of flats.  They were a camel brown color with button detail and they spiced up her outfit just perfectly.  I couldn't resist but to try them on.  As I slid my foot inside they were resting on a comfortable "plushy" sole.  They were so comfortable.  I asked where she purchased the shoes thinking they would be at least 30 dollars, she responded with "I got them from a boutique from home, they have a website."  I hopped onto the website right away and found them!  They were only 18 dollars, and the site featured a variety of unique but cheap items.  Unfortunately, they didn't have my size, but I settled for another pair of black pumps that were also 18 dollars.  If your interested in getting something cute to spruce up your fall wardrobe definitely check out this website.  They have anything from accessories to shoes, blouses, and skirts.  Adorable prints, and bold accessories.    

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  • Lara Piu, Chicago Spa and Salon Examiner 5 years ago

    Oh bummer, I wanted to check out the site, but the URL did not work for me. I copied and pasted in twice. Do you pull it up that way?

    Great article, BTW!

  • mcgovernt44 5 years ago

    there is an s on the end of scavengers missing. Type it in with the s and it should work for you.

  • Court pents 5 years ago