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Savvy online savings

Thanks to the world wide web, you no longer are restricted to running around (and running low on another pricey item- gas!), trying to find the best deals in town. With a few clicks you can find exactly what you want for exactly the right price. So take a break from  updating your Facebook status and do some of the best budget-friendly shopping around.

This week's highlight- sites that offer low, low prices for great items. Check 'em out and see the savings hiding out there in cyberspace. 
Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING on this site is $5.99. You can find jewelry, shirts, skirts, dresses, pants, plus size, children's, mens, infant, maternity and accessories. Although not necessarily the widest range of options, it's worth checking out for the price alone. Rating- *** out of 5.
Just like, everything on this site is $15. However, the biggest difference is a much greater range of styles, items and labels, all at a great price. You'll find accessories, shirts, jackets, skirts, dress, swim wear, plus size, mens, children and yes, even SHOES. Of the discount websites out there, this one definitely gets **** out of 5.
Before you go crazy over the site name, this is not an "everything for $1" sort of site. This is a wholesale website, but definitely worth checking out for items you usually buy in multiple. Underwear, socks, tank tops, undershirts, etc., all can be bought at beyond ridiculously low prices. And if you do end up finding something you love but don't necessarily want ten of, eBay was created for a reason. Simply for the amount you can end up saving, this site gets **** out of 5.

Check back next week for sites to find couture for less. Stay frugally fashionable!

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