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Savory and sweet, delights for every palate at Delightful Pastries

Carrot Cake Pancakes
Carrot Cake Pancakes
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Brunch preferences can vary. Some diners crave a savory inspired meal with eggs and bacon. Others prefer to satisfy their sweet craving with pancakes and pastry. At Delightful Pastries, both the savory and sweet palates will be satisfied.

Bacon Bacon Yum
Cristine Struble

Delightful Pastries in Old Town serves breakfast on weekdays till 2 pm and on weekends till 4 pm. The varied menu offers a full array of egg dishes, sweets, salads and sandwiches.

On the sweeter note, the specialty pancakes are superb. Two highlights are the Apple Pancake and the Carrot Cake Pancake. The Apple Pancake is 3 apple pancakes with fresh Mutsu apple from New Haven, Michigan with Special Grandma Style Polish Pancake Mix. The pancakes have a spicy quality that pairs well with the real Maple syrup. The Carrot Cake Pancakes offer the best qualities of Delightful Pastries cake carrot cake. These pancakes offer 3 extra moist spiced pancakes with carrots, pineapple, vanilla bean extract and layers of cream cheese. The pineapple makes these pancakes special and they shouldn't be missed.

For the hearty, savory menu options, Delightful Pastries doesn't disappoint. The Bacon, Bacon Yum is the classic eggs and bacon turned up a notch. The star of this dish is the bacon. Thick cut bacon is perfectly cooked and offers all the salty, crispy goodness that bacon lovers crave. Another great option is 18th Street omelet. This omelet amps up the heat with beef chorizo and sriracha sour cream. The spice isn't overpowering but carefully balanced with all the ingredients.

Next time you are looking for a savory or sweet brunch, head over to Delightful Pastries. The breadth of flavors and options won't disappoint.

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