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Savings 101: The Ronkonkoma Super Saver card


  Saving the bucks. Photo Credit: ZF Photo

Ronkonkoma residents have the ability to save some money while shopping in their community. All residents have to do is pick up a Ronkonkoma Super Saver card at a participating merchant, or at a Chamber event. It's that easy to start saving money at local companies like The UPS Store, Liberty Tax Service, State Farm, ATA Martial Arts and many more.

The card is free to residents and will give you discounts like 15% off at The UPS Store, or 20% discount at A Shore Tan or even 10% off at Shennanigans Cafe. There is a variety of participants and discounts available with this super saver card. Check out the full list here: RONKONKOMA SUPER SAVER CARD.

All of this is brought to the residents of Ronkonkoma through The Chamber of Commerce of the Greater Ronkonkomas. For any questions about the program, contact them here: EMAIL.

Enjoy the savings Ronkonkoma residents!

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