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Saving your seats from little feet with Prince LionHeart

Protect seats and your sanity
Protect seats and your sanity
Courtesy: Hollywood Connections PR

Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your vehicle to the gods of mess. When on the go, children are constantly in and out of the vehicle so keeping it clean and organized can be difficult to say the least. Whether you want to protect your seats from little feet, or protect your floors from toys, games and snacks Prince LionHeart has a few products that will keep you covered.

Back Seat KickMat
Whether it’s mud and dirt upon entering the car or scuffing the seat with playful feet kids can wreak havoc on the back seat of your cars. Enter in the Prince LionHeart KickMat to help protect the seat backs, particularly upholstered seats. The KickMat provides full coverage of the seat back and is very easy to install. upon installing you will lose the ability to use the seat pocket if it is so equipped. The set-up comes with two attached carabiners for hanging favorite items and trying to keep items off the floor.

Back Seat Organizer
If you desire a little more functionality while protecting your seats, Prince LionHeart has a back seat organizer to keep everything in one place. The seat pocket in most mom-cars can tend to get stuffed causing toys and other kid supplies to fall into the pocket abyss. The back seat Organizer provides a variety of pockets both big and small to help organized the toys, books, and bottles little ones need when traveling. On the sides are two carabiners for hanging either toys or even a bag for trash. As an added bonus the back seat organizer protects the seat from the little feet.

Both Prince LionHeart mats are available at most major baby retailers in either black/grey or brown/tan which should match almost any interior. Each are strong and durable to ensure they hold up to the worst that can be dished out. For those who want to travel without sacrificing the cleanliness of the car, Prince LionHeart is just for you.

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