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Saving water and money by fixing leaks in your bathroom

Did you know that a dripping faucet can send 20 gallons a day of water down the drain?

Water dripping or water running from the shower head when the shower is turned off is usually caused by bad washers or seats in the valve. These washers and seats need to be replaced. The leaks  reduce the performance of a low flow shower head because of reduced pressure to the head and waste water through the spout.

Toilet leaks on the other hand are sometimes hard to find. They are usually caused by bad valves (flapper, seats, ballcocks). An improperly positioned float arm or defective overflow tube might be the culprits. Little leaks inside your toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water per day.

Other problems with plumbing fixtures may be due to old age and corrosion or wear and tear.  Replacement or repair parts can be purchased at local hardware stores or plumbing supply stores.





  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    You are always saving me some money - thanks a load!

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