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Saving the city on a shoestring: Hero Story

From Houston to Austin we are all used to big budget superhero film, but what if you had to make a movie on almost nothing ? Jus Riddick, producer of Hero Story , as well as the rest of the cast and crew had to do just that. I was able speak to Jus during Wizard World Austin, and learned about low budget filming in Hollywood and his own love for superheroes.

Jus Riddick, producer of Hero Story will be a special guest at Wizard World New Orleans.
Alexandra Marlin Photography (2010)

Mr. Riddick's answers are in bold.

What brought about the no budget concept?

Well, that was the situation we were in . We didn't have the funds or the investors,and everyone involved with Hero Story came to Hollywood as actors and you also start directing and producing, I'm solely a producer on 'Hero Story', but that's really how the no-budget concept came up. How can we make movies that we want to make for as little money as possible, since we didn't have any.

Do you think this kind of project allows a lot more freedom ?

That is a difficult question, I guess yes and no. The creative freedom is allowed because we're the ones in control. We're producing ,so we're the ones saying yay or nay on whatever it is. We're the ones writing the project , so in that sense, we have total freedom to do what we want. We have to work within the means of the budget , and that's sometimes where we don't have as much freedom.

Is Hero Story what embodies the modern superhero?

I hadn’t thought of it like that exactly , but yeah the hero movies in the 80's and 90's never saw the hero as ordinary guys and had any real world problems. But nowadays the movies from big budget on down to the indie projects make the hero an human and as real as possible. That's the whole idea with 'Hero Story' , there's a superhero but he has a normal girl friend and is trying to make that normal life balance with the super hero life .

What were some of your favorite heroes as a kid ?

X-men, yeah that was the big one for me. It started with the animated series and then I read the comics. Even as a kid the dream was to make an X-men movie, but they beat me to it and their doing really well. And Gambit was my favorite.

Is it easier days for people to make movies not on a budget with all these advancements in technology ?

Absolutely, what they can do now with a basic everyday camera and the means to distribute, that's what the low budget panel focuses on, they can make a regular DLSR camera shoots in 1080 now. You can make movies on your phone, you may not be able to blow them up and they look very good, but it can be done. I haven’t even tried working with a Black Magic camera, it shoots in 4 or 5k, it can shoot at a bit rate(so high) that they don’t even have the technology to use everything that they shoot,(with the camera) . The technology is coming so fast now, editors have a problem keeping up. They can't even preserve movies, it becomes harder and harder to preserve movies not shot on film, but they'll figure it out though.

He will be presenting this film and be part of the amazing guests and panels at Wizard World New Orleans, and one of many celebrity and media guests this weekend at The Ernest P. Morial convention center, February 7-9, 2014.

For information on Jus Riddick, click here. For guest and ticket information on Wizard World , click here.

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