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Saving Southern Kitties needs funds to care for survivors from SC torture case

Saving Southern Kitties Rescue is needing your help right now. For those of you unfamiliar with the Julianne Westberry story, please see links under sources following this article. Read them in order, and be prepared to be upset.

Whiskers: Survivor from house of cat hell
Whiskers: Survivor from house of cat hell
Whiskers & Kathy
Facebook: Saving Southern Kitties

Susan has driven hundreds of miles over the past week or so to save two of the cats found alive in Westberry's Belton home (57 were found dead). Kathy and Whiskers survived the actual home. Buddy, found on another property connected to the case, was also rescued by Susan.

Whiskers, Kathy and Buddy are now safe with SSK, and under stringent vet care. Buddy and Kathy are doing well, despite Buddy grieving for his brother Tiggre, who hasn't been found. Buddy was found at 'the farm,' where Westberry turned an unknown number of cats loose to fend for themselves.

Whiskers isn't doing as well as the others. He has food aggression from coming close to being starved to death. Thankfully, that has gone away since the little guy realizes he's in good hands now.

Whiskers was seen in Greenville on Monday, but he was too weak for bloodwork. On Saturday, Susan took him for bloodwork at her regular vet. His white blood cell count is 48,000.

SSK stated on their Facebook page

"Whiskers is the absolute sweetest little baby ever. All he wants is to love you. We just cannot imagine what he's endured. But he's here, he's fighting and so are we. Please keep Whiskers, Belton House of Horror survivor in your prayers. He has a long road in front of him."

Kathy goes back to the vet on Monday for a checkup. She's doing well at this time. All of this is adding up to huge vet bills, which must be paid at the time services are rendered. Right now Susan needs donations to help. You can pay through PayPal at, or direct to vet at the information below.

A brief description of this wonderful rescue can be found below.

"Saving Southern Kitties is a new South Carolina rescue devoted to saving cats and kittens from high kill and rural shelters, where euthanasia rates are extremely high.

At Saving Southern Kitties, under the leadership of Susan Schreck, we are making a difference of the lives of cats who have no voice.

At Saving Southern Kitties we focus our efforts on those cats and kittens which are never seen on the adoption floors at these shelters and are labeled "rescue only".

Shelters do not usually have space to put all of the cats on the adoption floor and must decide which ones don't make the cut. Usually it's those who aren't super fancy, have a sniffle, or are thing from being a stray for too long.

Oftentimes, they are only given a few days to get out by a rescue group or be euthanized.

We are their only chance at finding a forever family. We spend the money needed to make them healthy and adoptable. Because of this, our average dollar amount spent per cat is quite high. We aim to keep our adoption prices very reasonable!"

Veterinary Medical Center of Fort Mill
Dr. Robin Lepardo

Rescues, including SSK, are struggling still, thanks to Julianne Westberry. Because Westberry took pledges and didn't use them to support the cats, people are now afraid to pledge to help cats get out of the shelter without an expense to the rescue.

Another is high vet expenses for cats in need. A few weeks ago SSK just came off of trying to save a baby kitten named Sterling,whose Emergency ICU bill was just over $1500.

Now they have another cat who may need knee surgery, so they're really are in need of donations. SSK has high vetting standards and the rescue gives their cats everything they need.

Julianne has truly left a mess for those in the community to clean up. It may be months before rescues can be trusted again. Meanwhile, cats can and will die.

Please help Saving Southern Kitties, and the other rescues who have come forward and done so much to save these poor survivors. Susan absolutely must have funds to ensure these three cats survive.

Any rescue involved in the Julianne Westberry case should personal message me on Facebook with details. Be sure to include vet information, as well as names of which cats you have. I'll do an Examiner article as soon as possible.


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