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Saving New York’s Swans

Wildlife is one of the most precious and important aspects to nature that adds to the overall beauty of a location’s landscapes. Most people love getting a view of wild animals like birds and woodland creatures when they are out in nature. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates nature.

Swans should be protected in America like they are in England.
Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

This week the DEC (an American government department) announced plans to eliminate all of New York’s wild free ranging swans by 2025. Needless to say, most people agree that such a proposal is absolutely horrible, cruel, pointless and unacceptable. Tax payers do not want their taxes spent on slaughtering living creatures. Furthermore, noting all the social and economic problems currently plaguing the state there are much better ways to spend money than worrying about supposedly “invasive” species.

Animal activists are asking everyone to please sign and share this petition as a sign of protest:

Animal activists hope to generate enough outcry—both local and International—to stop this terrible proposal/plan from becoming reality.

The proposal to cull the swans is part of a larger plan that aims to cut back on numerous invasive (non-native) plant and animal species. Although there is little protest about cutting back on invasive plants like bamboo, there is a huge difference between controlling a plant and killing living, breathing, thinking and feeling creatures like swans and geese.

Most compassionate people agree that it is an attack on the very civility of society to attempt to eradicate animals simply because they are not “native” to New York. Swans were brought to New York in the 1800s for ornamental purposes and since then they have flourished in this landscape and are cherished by many people. Like geese—whose numbers have rapidly increased in the United States in the past two decades—swans are adaptable creatures. In most cases of “invasive animal species” these creatures are simply adapting to new realities after either being brought to a new country or being forced to migrate and change their living patterns due to global warming and related climate changes.

To stop the ludicrous swan cull/invasive species elimination proposal, please sign the below petition and share the link with anyone else who would be likely to help (including posting it on social media sites like Facebook). For parents who homeschool or cyber school, this offers and excellent opportunity to teach children about how they can protest government proposals that they do not agree with in peaceful and effective ways; a good (and important) lesson to learn.

Thank you in advance to everyone who helps save the swans!

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