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Saving money tip: Keep your dryer from over working

We all love tips to make our life just a little bit more manageable. As your Dallas Household Tips Examiner I search for tips for myself and pass them along to my readers.

Summertime and children usually means a few more loads of laundry; here are some tips to make sure your dryer doesn’t run your electric bill through the roof or become a fire hazard, because it is overworking.

  1. Clean lint trap before every load.
  2. If your clothes are still damp after first cycle, your lint screen or exhaust duct may be blocked.
  3. Clean dryer vent (hole where hot air leaves house) and exhaust duct (coil that sends the hot air out of house) at least once a year. Both of these can get clogged with lint and over heat. If your duct is plastic or foil, replace it with metal, because plastic and foil are too flexible and trap lint easily.
  4. Clean back of dryer and sweep under dryer regularly; lint that builds up can become a fire hazard.
  5. Avoid using dryer for gas, oil or chemical soiled clothes. Wash several times and line dry; even washed several times clothes can retain some of the ignitable chemicals, it is best to consider the clothes ruined and dispose of them safely.

Maintaining your dryer throughout the year can save you money on your electric bill and reduce the fire hazard.

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