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Saving Money Online

So, you've decided not to head out to the store but instead to brave the internet to get what you need. You go to the website of the store you're familiar with, find your item, and hit the checkout button. Did we miss anything?

Maybe. We might have missed saving some money along the way. Here's a few tips to follow before you make your next online purchase:

1.) Comparison shopping used to take a lot of time and effort. Driving from store to store or trying to get all the sales ads seemed pretty inconvenient. But comparison shopping is alive and well on the internet. Sites like Google (under the "Shopping" tab),, and could help you save some money by finding the same item at another store for less. A word of caution here, however - if the company is one you haven't heard of, be cautious or at least be willing to take the risk that the deal may not live up to your expectations.

2.) More and more companies are starting to use online coupon codes in an attempt to draw in customers. These codes are combinations of letters and/or numbers that, when entered at online checkout, apply a discount to your order. The five minutes it will take you to search for a coupon code for that company could be well worth your time. If the company is not advertising any coupon codes, search for them on an online search engine. Just time in the name of the company and the words "coupon code" after that, and you may be surprised what you can find! Sites like exist solely for this purpose. A friend told me that right before they made a $350 purchase online, they searched for an online coupon code and found one for 50% off, saving $175 in about 90 seconds. Not all savings will be this extreme, but every penny counts!

3.) Many companies will send you online coupon codes through e-mails when you belong to their mailing lists. It may be worth it to join some of these mailing lists so that you don't miss out on the savings. You may find it helpful to open a new e-mail address which is only to be used for signing up for companies' e-mailing lists. That way you never have to check it until you're about to buy something from a company you're about to buy from.

More saving tips on the way! Feel free to respond with questions or comments, and if you've found this article helpful, pass it on!


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