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Saving Money at Walt Disney World

Come visit our new ride!
Come visit our new ride!
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Have you been putting off a Walt Disney World vacation because you think it is too expensive? Try some of these tips and start saving today for your next family vacation at Walt Disney World, it really is a magical experience not to be missed!

Plan ahead! Call an Authorized Disney travel agent and find out about Florida Resident specials and other seasonal Walt Disney World specials like Free Disney Dining! Booking ahead can also give you time to save for your vacation.

One of the biggest expenses is your food budget. Eating in the parks for three meals a day will not only empty your wallet but also make it a challenge to eat healthy. One thing you will need on a Disney vacation is a lot of energy and stamina, it is a lot of walking and you want to fuel your body with good food. You can order healthy food options ahead of time and have them delivered to your room. Call Garden Grocer or We Go Shop and place an order for food and have it delivered right to your hotel. If you have a refrigerator in you room you can order even more options, but there are a lot of basic items you can have on hand to eat for breakfast, lunch and snacks that don't need refrigeration. You are allowed to bring a soft cooler into the Disney Parks so you can make some sandwiches and a lot of healthy snacks for the day and then have a nice dinner.

Another big vacation expense is all of the extras! Souvenirs, daily water, and more. A little planning ahead will help here too. If you are an Amazon Prime member (if not maybe consider joining) you can order a case of water, diapers, Disney t-shirts, souvenirs and have the delivered to your hotel with free 2 day shipping.

Staying on the Disney Property adds a great value to your vacation. You save money on parking because Disney offers free transportation to all of their many parks and recreation areas like Downtown Disney. Take advantage of the free transportation and spend one day visiting the many resorts and walking around. A trip on the monorail for many children is super fun and you can get off and walk around the Contemporary, Grand Floridian and the Polynesian. You can also take the ferry boat over to the Wilderness Resort area. Spending some time walking and exploring Downtown Disney and the Boardwalk area can be a lot of free fun too!

Planning ahead and using an authorized Disney Travel Agent will be the best way to start planning your next Walt Disney World vacation. Make it a fun challenge for your family, grab a jar, bottle and create a spare change Vacation Fund. During your saving period just say to no certain little extras like movies and coffees and throw the money in the jar. It will be worth it as you sit back and enjoy the Magic of Disney.

Happy Vacation Savings!

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