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Saving Many Lives Chap Oscar

Chap Oscar Loves Everybody
Chap Oscar Loves Everybody
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NATIONAL It is time to consider a modern approach to life safety isn't it? We see it all around us and there is not a day that goes by without people asking me " Chap Oscar when will you take on another mission? Home and Life Safety is my heartbeat, it is the mission that God has assigned me to pursue and it starts with involvement. We can have a safer future.

I am launching " America Safe at Home" a campaign to reduce unintentional fatalities in our communities. As the world's most loved Chaplain it is an honor to remind all of us to take a proactive approach to Fire Safety which needs the most attention right now in my humble opinion. How can one person make a difference? This is a profound question because even the simple act of Home Fire Drills can have a dramatic impact. One Proactive Life Safety Act at a time can save many lives.

Chap Oscar