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Saving lives and preserving memories: A Southland rescuer's legacy

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For Brenda Renee Green of Chatsworth, Ca. all life is sacred. But it doesn't stop there.

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The 49 year old is so busy rescuing animals and pets in southern California, she barely had the time to provide us with a profile for this article.

Brenda's career in the rescue community began in the early 1990s. Originally from Corona Del Mar, California, her life is one of steadfast commitment and devotion to the rescue and welfare of animals; she describes herself as an animal transporter, and posts on Facebook on a nearly daily basis to offer her assistance.

Her vehicle is frequently loaded with crates or cages on the way from one location to another mostly within the confines of southern California. Relocating animals mostly from overcrowded shelters and other perilous situations, she frequently will cover distances of up to 500 miles or more—just to ensure an animal makes it safely to a life-changing of life saving destination.

Often that's just the beginning. Ms. Green's dedication and commitment can sometimes go far beyond the ordinary. The business of saving animals is laced with sadness and tragedy. Attempting to save lives isn't always successful. To help her cope with the all-too-frequent losses, she started her “Rainbow Bridge Memorials” back in 2013.

Utilizing various computer techniques, she found a uniquely touching and magnificent way to memorialize, celebrate and pay tribute to the lives of pets which were special to her friends, acquaintances, and others whose circumstances she may have been familiar with. Her own special creation, she has created more than 140 of these portraits, including one for the author, whose cat passed away in November, 2013.

The images speak for themselves. From time to time, she posts on her work on Facebook, her powerful and moving images paying tribute to an animal or pet whose recent passing elicits kind and endearing comments from countless followers in the online community.

Brenda's Rainbow Bridge Memorials pays tribute to mostly cats and dogs...but a horse and a rabbit can be seen in her gallery.

Today's animal shelters all too frequently implement euthanasia due to overcrowding, illness or other causes and this is often where the need for last minute rescue and transport is urgent and immediate. Ms. Green's role is a vital and necessary one, and in addition to this, she has undertaken another unique and original objective: keeping precious memories alive in a way that demonstrates great compassion, dedication and concern.

The underlying message in Brenda's work is that care, love and respect for the lives of all creatures large and small cannot be overemphasized. Above all, spay and neuter pets. Pet overpopulation is a single and major factor in the untimely death of cats, dogs, and other animals. Support the work of animal rescue organizations.

Brenda Green's full gallery can be seen at:



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