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Saving Eric in honor of the the dogs euthanized at high kill shelter

UPDATE: Eric was adopted today and has happily left the building. Thank you to everyone who helped get Eric's story out and have once again saved a beautiful young dog. Have a wonderful life Eric.

Eric will melt your heart. Please help him find a home.
Pit a Boo
Please help to save Eric from being euthanized in honor of the dogs who have perished.
Pit a Boo

At the San Bernardino City Shelter, volunteers spend hours socializing, exercising, and videotaping dogs brought into the shelter. Meet the animal lovers who are always hoping to give the abandoned, downhearted, and often neglected another chance at a better life.

These are the unsung heroes of the animal adoption world, but too often, the disappointments can be devastating. On Wednesday, a number of dogs were humanely euthanized. It wasn't for the lack of trying; it's solely the fault of overpopulation and irresponsible owners.

And then a faint rainbow appeared out of the storm of deaths at the high intake shelter; Eric, a dark gray and white pit bull mix in Isolation Kennel #3 had been spared. Eric showed no signs of illness.

He is not in the mainstream of kennels where adopters pass as they search for a new friend, but Eric, the three-year-old who has been described as timid when you first meet him, is shown in his videos to be mellow and especially fond of a good body rub.

Please share Eric's story with your friends, family, and coworkers. Let this dog be the life that so many others have not been lucky enough to have found.

Follow Eric's plight on Facebook by clicking here.

Please check out Eric's video by clicking here.

And here is another video of Eric.

For more information about the San Bernardino Animal Shelter, please click here.

When inquiring about Eric, please refer to A461273. Telephone: (909)-384-1304

Please spay and neuter your pets.

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