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Saving and Earning with Apps and Websites

Frugal Living
Frugal Living

There are many ways to save money, some very obvious like cancelling the cable and watching DVD's that you rent from the libraryfor free and other's, not so obvious, like The Penny Hoarder, a website to help you earn money, save money, and grow your money.

A recent Penny Hoarder article was "12 Mobile Apps That Will Help You Earn Money" and after you read it, you will be adding some of these apps to your phone as well. It's a variety of sources including surveys, scanning, photos from phone, mystery shopping, and daily use of your phone. It's not a lot of money but it is all legitimate and proven to work. Check out The Penny Hoarder for lots of other good ideas for making and saving money. It will add up and some really motivated savers are doing this as a way to earn a full time income.

Now for some frugal living blogs! The Minimalist Mom has an article named 7 Awesome Frugal Blogs, a good way to get started in frugal blog land. She lists The Frugal Girl, Money Saving Mom, Penniless Parenting, Frugal Mama, Frugal Babe, The Small Notebook, and The Non-Consumer Advocate, all excellent blogs with good helpful tips for saving.You will find coupons, money saving tips, downloadable worksheets, recipes, and tips and ideas on these blogs and you might even be encouraged to write one yourself.

There are blogs and websites for everyone who is interested in being more thrifty. A good site to check out is Frugal Retirement Living where you will find travel tips on the cheap, retirement tips, and affordable living ideas.

If you like to get newsletters, most blogs and sites have them and are simple to sign up for. To learn about living well with what you have, sign up at and get their regular newsletter filled with tips and ideas for saving.

Another great site is Countrified Hicks where you will learn how this family lives for $325 per person, $1300 per month. This family grows their own vegetables, keeps chickens, homesteads, rolls their own cigarettes, uses coupons and free coupon samples off the internet, and accrues points on At the end of the year, those points can be traded for gift cards from stores or cash. They may be a bit more extreme than you would like to be but it works for them, and that's the point. Everyone has to find their own way to save and thrive. What works for one may not work for someone else.

Some more ideas for saving and being frugal include making a menu each week and then making your grocery list off of the menu, keeping in mind that you will only purchase "real" food, something that has grown in the ground or on the "foot". Limit your paper goods purchase and use rewashable napkins, towels, and cleaning clothes. Make your own snacks. There are many recipes for most snack type foods, and of course, making them yourself just makes them more healthy and better for you. Buy your clothing at thrift stores or yard sales. You will often find new-with-tags items for sale for just a few dollars. Books come cheap as do toys and household items as well. Join "for sale" groups in your county on Facebook and trade, swap, or buy cheaply. A recent purchase was a $15 like new toaster-oven that works great! And sell some of your unused items. There probably is hundred's of dollars worth of goods just sitting around your house, taking up room and causing clutter. Get rid of it and get some cash!

What are you waiting for? Be thrifty and lighten up your life!

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