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Saving a Christian Marriage

There is nothing Satan wants more than to destroy your marriage. In so doing, he effectively destroys your family, the very foundation of a home of faith. There is strength and security in the family. As the Bible tells us, "Two are better than one. For if the one falls, his friend will be there to help him up." God knew that we, man and woman, needed one another and created us to be together. The Christian marriage will always be under attack from Satan for this reason. A home undivided is strong, but if Satan can bring division, he has weakened it.

If you are a Christian, married, and having troubles in your relationship, don't feel alone. Being a believer doesn't mean that you are immune to problems, it only means that you have a loving Savior waiting for you to ask for help. Whatever you do, hold onto hope and don't let go. Complacency won't fix anything, you need to take action in order to see this struggling marriage come back to life and vitality.

The first step is, as I said, to ask God for help. Help to heal the hurts, help to bond the two of you back together and help to forgive where you need to. Then, begin to pray for yourself, that you will have the strength and love to be the spouse you need to be and that you were created to be. Pray for your husband or wife, pray blessings upon them. This may be hard, especially since there is hurt and anger, but it will begin your own healing. If for no other reason, it is commanded that we are to pray for our enemies. You may indeed feel like you are living with the enemy right now, but that is getting ready to change. Hold your peace and pray.

Cling tightly to God. Marriage is like a triangle, with the husband and wife making up the sides and God at the top. As we draw closer to God, we naturally draw closer to one another, as well. Go ahead, draw it and see...I know you want to.

In marriage, there is rarely one person at fault and the other bearing no fault at all. Search your own heart and honestly look at your past actions. Is there something you need to ask forgiveness for? Ask God first, that's the easier part. Then, go to your spouse with a humble spirit and ask them. Don't include any excuses, any "buts" or any psychoanalysis of why you did it, just lay it out as it is and express that you are sorry and are asking their forgiveness.

The Bible gives us a clear example of what we are to do in marriage. Wives are to submit and husbands are to love. This is the only thing that is specified so whichever of these parts you play in the marriage, follow the guideline that has been set out in God's Word. One will follow the other, but someone has to take the first step. A husband who is shown respect will love and a woman who is shown love will submit willingly. Why would they not? If the husband is submitted to, it shows that he is respected and he will love the person who gives that. If he loves his wife, he wants only the best for her and thus, would not demand anything from her that she would have good reason not to submit to.

Marriage is a serious commitment, an oath taken before God Himself and it is crucial that we honor it. Many people give up too easily, before they have put forth near enough effort. They walk away when they should be getting ready to walk into a time of renewed love and incredible blessing. Don't let this happen to you. Pray and obey the Lord, only He can heal broken hearts, tear down walls and mend the tears in your marriage.

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