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"Savezies' are illegal in Philadelphia

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What is a "'Savezie"? It is the act of using something to mark a parking spot after you just shoveled it . It's a tradition and it's also illegal. However, it's something that will turn the most staunch law abiding citizen into a law breaker.

Consider spending an hour or so shoveling snow. For example, today, Feb 3 2014 it is snowing. By 6:00 p.m. most people will make some attempt to shovel out their vehicle. It's about an hour of back breaking labor . To insure the spot is there for them, they will put an item in it's place, such as a traffic cone, trash can or lawn furniture in it's place. Woe to the person that moves that item. However , according to the Philadelphia Police Media relations Office, "Any item left is considered abandoned".

Fights have started and people have been hurt over a parking spot. Consider when one guy spends an hour shoveling, puts HIS lawn chair in the spot . He is gone for two hours .When he comes back , there are no spots available. The spot he shoveled out is taken up by another car. He is pissed and finds the owner. The cars owner refuses to move. Can you guess what happens next?

At times, people that have refused to move have found their cars vandalized. With more security cameras in use, police can have a better idea of who vandalized the car, if the camera owner is willing to share the tape. Other times someone will put lawn furniture out and come back to find it gone. In some instances, beds and recliners have been used to reserve spots. That property is ripe for the taking. Sometimes it is taken by police other times by scrappers. It is perfectly legal to take these items. If a property owner come out to fight the person, the property owner can go to jail. Police said they will issue tickets if they see you saving a parking spot.

When an item is left in a spot it stays there for a few days when most of the block is shoveled out. Or until a scrapper or salvage person drives down the street and takes multiple sets of lawn furniture..



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